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Valley's Gym Visalia

Where Fitness Becomes Your Lifestyle

What Makes us Different

Valley’s has been a consistent presence in Visalia for the past 30 years. We cater to the individual athlete and any active person. We believe our system of strengthen and 
build will help achieve the goals set before you. 

Our facility is the best in Tulare county because of our relentless pursuit of creating an environment that improves the health and wellness of our members.

Our gym is loaded with the most effective gym equipment in the industry (old school and newest technology).

We strive to find the most specialized gym equipment. With our members best interests at heart, each piece of equipment is individually hand-selected and serves as a place to develop, initiate, and maintain an active lifestyle while minimizing the risk of injury.

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At The Valley’s Gym, we work to understand the needs of our members, and strive to cultivate our relationships from within. Our ownership and history were founded here in Visalia. We know that by facilitating and strengthening our relationships, we can build up each other, and build the fitness community around us.

We strive to improve the life of every individual who walks through these doors, so that they are capable to strengthen those they encounter.

Being independently owned and operated, we pride our self in knowing our clients. We pride ourselves in every goal achieved. This is part of the Valley’s Gym mission.


The gym understands that staying motivated can be challenging, especially when faced with obstacles or setbacks. That's why Valley's Gym provides a range of resources to inspire and motivate its members. Our trainers and staff are also dedicated to providing ongoing support and encouragement to help members stay focused and motivated. By cultivating a positive and motivational environment, we help individuals push past their limits and achieve their fitness aspirations.



Seeing results is a core part of the experience at Valley's Gym. We offer a range of programs and resources designed to help members achieve their fitness goals, whether that be weight loss, building muscle, or improving overall health and wellness. At Valley's Gym, members can expect to see tangible, measurable results that reflect their hard work and dedication.

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